Heritage Day BreadOne day in the early days of the congregation, a ragged man approached the convent door at St. Mary of Victories and begged the sister who came to the door for food.

The sister who answered the door hurried to Mother Odilia and told her, “Mother, we have only one loaf of bread; if I give it to this man, we will have nothing for the sisters!”

Mother Odilia immediately responded, “Give the man what he asks, Sister. The Lord will provide for us.” Only half-convinced, the sister gave the man the loaf of bread.

A few hours later, a child arrived at the convent door, sent by her mother with a pan of freshly baked rolls for the sisters. The sister exclaimed, “The Lord has come! You are the Lord today, little one!”

Each year on Heritage Day (November 16), the Franciscan Sisters of Mary celebrate our trust in God’s abundance, generosity, and providence by sharing loaves of bread with our staff.