The Franciscan Sisters of Mary are pleased to announce that we have signed the “We Are Still In” pledge.


We are joining with leaders in the business community, education, and the government throughout the United States in declaring that we will continue to support the climate action necessary to honor the Paris Agreement of December 2015.


The Trump administration’s decision to withdraw from the Paris agreement threatens to undermine the entire world’s commitment to work against climate change.


By signing the “We Are Still In” pledge, we join investors, businesses, colleges and universities, cities, and states who are providing the leadership the world needs to see from the United States as we work together to reduce carbon emissions and counteract the dangerous effects of “business as usual.”


The Franciscan Sisters of Mary are proud to declare our intention, with the entire world community, to strive to hold global warming to 1.5° C and to move toward the clean energy model that was a hallmark of the Paris Climate Agreement.


Learn more about the “We Are Still In” initiative at


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